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AFMActive Filter Media

AFM or Active Filter Media is a patented product and internationally registered trade mark developed through a major research and development project with the European Commission and the UK Government authorities. AFM is the only activated glass filter media.

  • AFM grade 3 filtration media

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  • AFM grade 2 filtration media

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  • AFM grade 1 filtration media

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APF Liquid Coagulant

The purpose of a coagulant is to ‘clump together’ minute forms of pollution such as bacteria and Cryptosporidium etc in order that they can be more effectively trapped in the filter, which will prevent them returning to the pool.  Crypto is derived from faecal contamination and when swallowed may cause gastro intestinal illness; it is highly resistant to disinfection.  Having been trapped in the filter, this pollution will then be discharged to drain when the backwash takes place.  Backwash of filters should be carried out at least weekly.  It is therefore very important that commercial pools are treated with coagulant.  Ideally, it should be dosed continuously at a very low rate.  As an added bonus, it helps to provide an attractive, crystal clear pool because it has removed very fine suspended pollution as part of the coagulation process.

APF is a multi-spectrum coagulant and flocculant that can remove pollutants from solution and flocculate fine suspended solids, such as skin cells and bacteria, into large particles that are easily removed by AFM® (Activated Filter Media).  No single flocculant or coagulant can remove everything from the water.  APF is a precise combination of 10 different electrolytes and polyelectrolytes to cover the widest possible range.  Dissolved constituents of water make up 80% of the oxidation demand and suspended solids around 20%.  Everything that is filtered out does not need to be oxidized.  When the correct flocculation is used in combination with AFM®, chlorine consumption and the production of unwanted chlorine by-products are reduced by up to 80%.

DryOx Algae & Bacteria Control

DryOx removes biofilm easily and economically.  Each tablet of DryOx dissolved in water generates 1 gm of chlorine dioxide.  Chlorine dioxide is a soluble gas with the advantage that it penetrates through the biofilm and removes it.  Chlorine can‘t do that because chlorine must oxidize through the biofilm first.  DryOx is about 100 times more effective in the removal of biofilm than chlorine.  Without biofilm, chlorine consumption and the production of harmful disinfection by-products such as trichloramine – responsible for the pungent chlorine smell in the air – will decrease.  Biofilm is also the habitat and food source for dangerous pathogens such as Legionella.

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