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3 Day Technician Certificate

Ideal for staff who operate – or intend to – in a pool where they will perform tasks with significant operational or safety impacts, and that they have the competencies to do so.  Detailed information on this course can be obtained in the PDF download on this page.  The certificate has a validity period of five years.


Important Covid-19 Info


We successfully conducted a series of Zoom revalidation e-seminars throughout November and December 2020 which were well-received and we consider this to be the way forward during the pandemic.  We have since conducted two Technician, 3-day e-courses this year and have another one planned for May 2021 – see our link on the right of this page for dates.  If you wish to book a place for this May e-course, please use the other link on the right of this page to complete an application.  Each e-course is conducted on the same weekdays over consecutive weeks.  For quality reasons and to allow attendees to easily interact during the sessions, the number of attendees on each e-course are strictly limited.  If you have any queries, please use the Contact page and we’ll reply without delay.

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1 Day Technician Revalidation Seminar

This Update Seminar revalidates a certificate that is due to expire.  It is designed to refresh the knowledge gained on the Technician Certificate and to provide an appreciation of current changes and trends and standards of operation.  The annual, well attended seminar and workshop, with visiting speakers from the industry has become a calendar date, with some delegates attending for the event itself rather than to revalidate their certificate.

Important Covid-19 Info


If the pandemic persists and affects the face-to-face seminar that we traditionally provide each October, we will repeat the successful Zoom method that was used in 2020.  If you wish to book a ‘note of interest’, please use the Contact page on this website.  Your details will be booked and you can then leave it with us to forward the arrangements when they become available.

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1 Day Foundation Certificate

An ideal qualification for staff who are not specifically responsible for the day to day operation of pool plant, but require a basic understanding of pool water management and water testing procedures, diagnosis and response actions.

Our Courses

Over the years since Flowman was formed in 1989, our courses have helped thousands of people to realise their potential within the leisure industry.  Our training courses cover every aspect of pool water technology/management and pool plant operation and are held regularly throughout the year.  Course places enjoy a very high demand and we would urge you to contact us direct to find out about availability.

The company owners have each been in the industry for over 45 years and our training is uniquely supported by Flowman’s wide and long engineering experience in carrying out installations, repairs and planned maintenance.

We offer comprehensive 3-day PASOQ (Pool and Spa Operators Qualifications) Technician Certificate courses throughout the year.  We also offer a 1-day PASOQ Foundation Certificate course, subject to demand.  Additionally, we run the 1-day PASOQ  Technician Revalidation Certificate annual update seminar and workshop.  This Revalidation recognises other 3-days qualifications eg ISRM, AIQ, STA etc and certificate holders will be placed on the PASOQ (UK) Pool Technician Register that is open to view on the PASOQ website.  These PASOQ courses are endorsed by ISPE (Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers) and generously supported by Lovibond Tintometer pool water testing.  For further details about PASOQ visit

Flowman also offers the above certificated courses as an in-house package to many organisations.  Additionally, we can customise staff training to be site specific and suit the needs of a particular pool and plant room.

All our training courses comply fully with

 The Health and Safety Executive’s document, HSG179
 The British Standards Institute PAS39 document and
 The PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) current manual, Swimming Pool Water : Treatment & Quality Standards for Pools and Spas.

Course delegates  are provided with a current copy of the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) Code of Practice (CoP) for Swimming Pool Water – 2016 (updated to reflect the requirements of Managing the Health & Safety of Swimming Pools (HSG179) November 3, 2017 and the Lovibond Tintometer booklet ‘Water Treatment & Analysis’.  Additionally, on the Technician certificate course, the Lonza ‘Pool Professional’s Manual’ is provided.  Your course tutors are the Flowman partners, David Lowe and John Mannion, both of whom are members of ISPE (Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers) and qualified by examination with the former Institute of Sport & Recreation Management (ISRM, now CIMSPA).  Attendees on all Flowman training courses have unlimited access to a free Helpline for plant room or water quality management, following their training.

PASOQ swimming and spa Pool Plant Operators 3-day Technician qualification
PASOQ swimming and spa Pool Plant Operator’s 1-day Technician’s Revalidation update seminar

Customised In-House Training – tailored to be site specific
PASOQ swimming and spa Pool Plant Operators 1-day Foundation qualification

Revalidation Seminar 2018 : Our engineer, Scott giving a presentation on repairing common plant room breakdowns.

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