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HTH LogoPool and Spa Chemicals

The correct chemical balance, pH and disinfection of your pool is vital.  Flowman supply all pool chemicals in a wide range of pack sizes from 1kg domestic right through to 25kg commercial. Flowman can provide in-depth advice based on their long experience in the industry.

HTH ProductsWhat We Stock . . .

 HTH Calcium Hypochlorite easiflow granules
 HTH Calcium Hypochlorite easiflow briquettes/tablets
 Trichlor Chlorine tablets
 pH Reducer
 pH Increaser
 Sodium Bisulphate pH reducer
 Calcium Chloride water hardness increaser
 Sodium Bicarbonate alkalinity increaser
 Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC) coagulant
 Active Poly Floc (APF) coagulant
 NoPhos and DryOx algae control
 Hot tub filter cartridge cleaner
 Hot tub SPARKLE coagulant
 And Much Much More . . . .

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