Chemical Testing

Pool Water Testing

Lovibond’s methods of testing are globally recognised as providing accuracy, compared to other “budget” test kits.  They feature photometer technology with digital electronics in addition to the less expensive comparator method.

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Sauna & Steam

Would you like to invest in the feel good factor? Reap the dividends of good health and vitality year after year?  Simple!  Invest in a sauna or steam cabin.  More than just an opportunity to enjoy a variety of bathing options whenever you want.

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Pool Cleaning

Poolside Cleaning & Maintenance

Combine your maintenance routine with our quality pool maintenance equipment, pool cleaners and our pool dosing chemicals and you will have a hygienic and beautifully clean, crystal clear pool.  Flowman can provide in-depth advice.

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Overflow Grating

Pool Overflow Grating

We provide pool overflow and floor drainage grating that is built to last.  In addition to the superb Astral range of products, we can fabricate bespoke grating from high density polyethylene to suit your specific needs.

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Pool Covers

Pool Covers & Storage Reels

Over 90% of a pool’s heat is lost via the water surface.  Using a heat retention cover can massively reduce heat loss, thus reducing the need for heating and therefore significantly reducing your fuel costs – making it a bit of a No-Brainer !!

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Arch Chemicals

Pool & Spa Chemicals

The correct chemical balance, pH and disinfection of your pool is vital.  Flowman supply all pool chemicals in a wide range of pack sizes from 1kg domestic right through to 45kg commercial.  Flowman can provide in-depth advice.

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Chemical Dosing

Chemical Dosing & Control

We offer a complete range of chemical dosing equipment – from manually operated dosing pumps to hopper feeders that can be linked into automatic controllers.  Our fully trained staff can install, maintain or repair all leading brand systems.

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Water Purification Products

Dryden Aqua are at the forefront of water technology and Flowman are very proud to work in partnership with them to supply and install their products.

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Domestic Pools

Domestic Private Pools

Flowman Leisure provide the domestic private pool market with a host of products to help with the running of a beautiful and healthy private pool. We offer free advice to all customers, so get in touch to order or for more info.

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