MD 100T Photometer


* Tests for Chlorine, pH, Cyanuric Acid, Bromine, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness – AS DESCRIBED IN PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BELOW, AND DEPENDING ON MODEL.
* Robust and waterproof, as defined by IP 68 (1 hour at 0.1 meters).
* Hand-held, ergonomic and portable for ease of use; scroll memory, storage function,  automatic switch-off,  backlit display and real-time clock and date.
* Comes in a carrying case with 4 micro batteries (AAA), stirring rod, brush, 3 round test tubes (glass) with lids and tablet reagents.
* Comes with warranty information, Certificate of Compliance and instruction manual.


Regular testing of pool water is essential for effective disinfection and pH control.

The 3-in-1 entry-level photometer provides professional control of Chlorine, pH and Cyanuric Acid. 

The 6-in-1 variant offers, (in addition to the Chlorine, pH and Cyanuric Acid tests),  tests for Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness and Bromine. 

Both instruments are quick and easy to use, accurate and reliable.



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